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How to Find a Reliable Supplier in China?


This is a big topic that most foreign buyers are very interested in and care about. China is indeed a very large and very convenient sourcing market. It has a very complete industrial chain, and at the same time, the industrial chain have strong self-adaptation and restructuring capability, which can be flexible with changes in market demand. In China, you can buy almost all the products that you want and can not think of. However, China is a vast country with large market and wide geographical distribution, and numerous suppliers. How to quickly find a suitable supplier is a headache topic for many foreign purchasers. So, how can we quickly find reliable and suitable Chinese suppliers? There is some experience that can be shared with all foreign buyers who want to purchase goods from China:



1. Where to Find the Supplier Resources?


The cheapest and quickest way is to find suppliers through the Internet. Many buyers like to use search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo to search for suppliers, which is a good and useful way, but search engines present too much information and need to spend a lot of time to filter out useful and reliable information, and many good suppliers may not be able to optimize their product pages or website rankings to the first 3 pages of search engines, which undoubtedly misses a lot of useful supplier information. Here we recommend some other useful channels and/or resources where to find good Chinese suppliers:

1.) Online Resources: Chinese suppliers commonly like to use B2B platform to promote their products: Alibaba.com (comprehensive platform); Made-in-China.com (machinery and/or mold suppliers commonly use); globalsources.com (electrical & electronic product suppliers commonly use); but the number of suppliers on these platforms is also very large, not all suppliers on the platform are reliable, need to be carefully identified; Industry exhibitions and/or association websites, for example, like plastic raw materials, there have Chinaplas Online: https://www.chinaplasonline.com; China Plastics Processing Industry Association, CPPIA: http://www.cppia.com.cn.


2.) Offline Resources: Participate in local trade shows in the target sourcing market or the internationally renowned industry exhibitions near to your place, such as plastic raw materials, there have Chinaplas in the Chinese market, once a year; K-show, every three years; NPE, every three years;


3.) Introduction and recommendation of suppliers' friends and/or partners in the target sourcing market. The reliability of this method is relatively high. Generally, senior buyers prefer to use their own social network to find good suppliers.


2. How to Identify Genuine and Fake Suppliers?


1.) The most important point is, don't just focus on price. Price is definitely very important, but the reasonable price is the most important, because cooperation should be built upon win-win ways, both parties need to keep a reasonable profit. It seems very clever and wisdom for a buyer who get the lowest price through his or her strong negotiation power. However, he or she will lose in the end, because there are no businessmen who will do a losing business. In order to meet the buyer’s request for unreasonably low prices and obtain some profits at the same time, suppliers will inevitably reduce quality and/or performance, or by using cheaper raw materials to further cut down costs, which will undoubtedly increase the quality risks of the finished products. Each product has a reasonable market price range. As a professional buyer, it is necessary to clearly understand the market price range of the purchasing products before making a reasonable purchase decision. If suppliers' quotes are much lower than market prices, there is a high probability that this is a trap and a scam. Most of the buyers who were deceived in China were mostly because they were greedy for unreasonable low prices.


2.) Repeated and repeated communications. In the process of communications, the buyers should focus on the suppliers' professionalism on the products and market, the ability to solve problems, the solution for the various needs of customers, and the fast response and considerate one-stop service, because you are looking for a Troubleshooter instead of Trouble Maker.


At UNINKO, we don’t have the lowest price, only the most reasonable price and the most suitable product and quality, as well as one-stop solutions for engineering plastics. We regard customers as God, using professional, practical, diligent, innovative and thoughtful services to serve every customer and win the trust and recognition of each customer. Choosing UNINKO, you will never regret it!

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