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PBT (PolyButylene Terephthalate)

What is PBT (PolyButylene Terephthalate)?

PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) is a thermoplastic engineering polymer that is widely used in the electrical and electronic industries. It is a thermoplastic (semi-)crystalline polymer, and a type of polyester. PBT is resistant to solvents, shrinks very little during forming, is mechanically strong, heat-resistant up to 150 oC (or 200 oC with glass fiber reinforcement) and can be modified with flame retardant additives to make it noncombustible. 

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PBT is closely related to other thermoplastic polyesters. Compared to PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), PBT has slightly lower strength and rigidity, slightly better impact resistance, and a slightly lower glass transition temperature. PBT and PET are sensitive to hot water above 60 oC (140 oF). PBT and PET need UV protection if used outdoors, and most grades of these polyesters are flammable, although additives can be used to improve both UV and flammability properties.

UNINKO modified PBT & PET compounds series includes flame retardant grade, glass fiber/mineral reinforced grade, laser engraving  grade, etc broad range, with excellent performances, and widely used in electrical and electronics, automobile, home appliances and other industries, etc.

UNINKO Typical Grades and its Applications

Typical GradesMaterial DiscriptionKey Features & CharacteristicsApplications

30% glass fiber reinforced, heat resistant

Automotive parts, shaker housing, electrical and electronic components, home appliances parts, printers and other appliances structure components, etc


Flame retardant, UL94 V0, halogen free, heat stabilized, High CTI

Electronic and electrical products, high insulation components and appliances accessories, etc


20% glass fiber reinforced, flame retardant, UL94 V0, heat stabilized

Lamp holder, connectors, bearing sleeve, transformer, Inverter shell, coil bobbin, rice cooker, etc

UEP55G30PET+30%GF30% glass fiber reinforced, high heatresistant,

Bearing sleeve, Electric iron housing, transformers, Inverter housing, Coil bobbins, Hair Straightener, etc


30% glass fiber reinforced, flame retardant, UL94 V0, high heat resistant

Lamp holder, transformer, Solar Junction Box, EIS Selector Tool, Photovoltaic Panels and Parts, etc


40% glass/mineral fiber reinforced, heat resistant, good dimention stability, low warpage

Automotive parts, electrical and electronic components, home appliances parts, printers and other appliances structure components, etc

*If any above grades or other specific grades interested, contact our technical & sales personnel now for Technical Data Sheets(TDS) Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS) and FREE samples!
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