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PES/PSU/PPSU(Polysulfone Series)

What is Polysulfones?

Polysulfones is a family of thermoplastic containing subunit [aryl-SO2-aryl] , the defining feature of which is the sulfone group. The structure of the polysulfones is aromatic groups, generally with more than one benzene ring, joined by a sulfone group. The family is divided into four key members: -1. PSU (Polysulfone); -2. PAS (Polyarylsulfone); -3. PES (Polyethersulfone); -4. PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone).

PSU (Polysulfone) is a rigid, high strength and half flexible amorphous transparent plastic, with higher temperature resistance and better hydrolytic stability. When adopting steam and other disinfection method, it can remain good mechanical properties. Glass transition temperature reaches 190oC, distortion temperature reaches 175oC, long time working temperature reaches 160oC, short time working temperature reaches 190oC, with high thermostability, hydrolysis resistance, good dimensional stability, small molding shrinkage, toxic-free, radiation resistant;  With excellent dielectric insulation in broad temperature and frequency range; With good chemical stability, except for concentrated nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, halohydrocarbon, can tolerate common acid, alkali and salt, swelling in ketone and ester, but poor UV-resistant and weather resistance, main weakness is worse fatigue resistance.


PES (Polyethersulfone) is a thermoplastic amorphous polymer with good comprehensive properties, high transparency, toxic-free, have good chemical resistance and high heat deflection temperature up to 204oC, which make it the best choice for food service applications. It also has interently flame resistance, can be used for electronic components and test units. With good physical and mechanical properties and insulation performance, modulus almost keeps unchanged during -100oC and 200oC, much better than any other thermoplastic resin especially over 100oC temp; With excellent dimensional stability and low dependence to temperature, 30% glass fiber reinforcement PES resin, its linear expansion coefficient has only 2.3×10-5/oC, and can remain similar value with Al when up to 200oC; Toughness is high, has same shock resistance compared with PC, unreinforced resin can be used for riveting, but it’s sensitive to fine incision.

PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone) has the highest performance of transparency and heat-resistance; With better impact and chemical resistance than PSU, PES and PEI, main features are as follows: Heat Deflection Temperature HDT of unreinforced resin can reach 207oC; Relative Thermal Indices RTI can reach 180oC. Excellent toughness and impact strength, can remain very high toughness after temperature aging(suitable for low-temperature environment); Outstanding stress cracking resistance property;  Excellent long-term high temperature hydrolysis stability; With better chemical resistance than PSU and PEI, have good electrical insulation properties, very high X ray and infrared ray resistance ability, good dimensional stability; Can still remain excellent properties after tolerating over 1000 cycles high-temperature steam disinfection; Natural flame retardant UL94 V-0; Transparent (transparency up to 80%), colorable; Meet the requirements of USA FDA, EU food contact and health permit.

UNINKO Typical Grades and its Applications:

Typical GradesMaterial DiscriptionKey Features & CharacteristicsApplications
USP1300PSU Resin

Unfilled, General Purpose, High heat resistant, HDT of 175oC, high strength, high toughness, Excellent hydrolytic stability, Good dimensional stability, transparent, colorable

Faucet parts, Hot water pipe fittings, Pipes and plumbing fixtures, Manifold conduit means, Medical instruments, Water purification membranes, Reverse osmosis membranes, Electronics and electrical appliances, Parts and of network pipeline, Valve, Household appliances and automobiles, chemical equipments, home appliances, automotive parts, headlight reflectors, fiber optics, electronic parts,TCP cassette, IC carrier, IC carry socket, precise 

bearings and gears and mechanical components, etc


10-55% glass fiber reinforced, Good

 flow, High strength, Steam proof, 

High dimensional stability, Excellent creep resistance, Heat resistant


10-55% carbon fiber reinforced, Good flow, High stiffness, Electrically Conductive, ESD Protection, High dimensional stability, Excellent creep resistance, Heat resistant

USP1200PES Resin

Unfilled, General Purpose, High heat resistant, HDT of 204oC, good chemical resistant, interently flame resistant, high toughness, good dimensional stability, transparent, colorable

Food processing applications, auto lights and lamps, electrical & electronic components, boby bottle, coating, tableware, low-pressure water filtration membranes, food and beverage processing film, Industrial filtration membranes, coffee machine components, juicer compoents, Oven lids/cover, home applicance, hot food trays, food services pump, water treatment systems, fiber optics, electronic parts, TCP cassette, IC carrier, IC carry socket, precise bearings and gears and mechanical components, etc 


10-55% glass fiber reinforced, Good

flow, High strength, High 

dimensional stability, Excellent 

electrical property, Flame retardant, UL94 V0, Heat resistant


10-55% carbon fiber reinforced, Good flow, High stiffness, Electrically Conductive, ESD Protection, High dimensional stability, Heat resistant, Flame retardant, UL94 V0

USP1400PPSU Resin

Unfilled, General Purpose, high temperature resistance, HDT of 207oC, excellent toughness and impact resistance, excellent long-term hydrolytic stability,  excellent chemical resistant, excellent steam sterilization stability, interently flame resistant, good dimensional stability, transparent, colorable

Faucet parts, Hot water pipe fittings and accessories, Pipes and plumbing fixtures, boby bottles, Medical instruments, disinfectant and sterilization trays, dental and surgical instruments, aircraft interiors, aircraft meal boxes/bowls, air service cartering truck, IVC lab animal breeding cages,  Manifold conduit means, food serives trays, chemical equipments, Coffee Machine Steam Tube, Dental Sterilizing Box, Juicer Auger/Grinder, Juicer Strainer, home appliances, electrical & electronic parts, TCP cassette, IC carrier, IC carry socket, precise bearings and gears and mechanical components, etc


10-55% glass fiber reinforced, Good flow, High stiffness, High dimensional stability, Flame retardant, UL94 V0, high temperature resistance, excellent long-term hydrolytic stability, good toughness


10-55% carbon fiber reinforced, Good flow, High stiffness, Electrically Conductive, ESD Protection, High dimensional stability, Heat resistant, Flame retardant, UL94 V0

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