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HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)

What is HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)?

HIPS is an abbreviation for High Impact Polystyrene, is a form of polystyrene (PS) that carries with it a higher impact strength. Homopolymer PS can often be brittle, and can be made more impact resistant if combined with other materials. HIPS typically is produced by adding around 5-10% rubber or butadiene copolymer. This increases the toughness and impact strength of the polymer and results in a very ideal product for many applications.

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UNINKO Modified HIPS compounds series includes flame retardant grade, reinforced grade, weathering resistant grade, antistatic grade, Electromagnetic Shielding (EMI) grade, etc broad range, with excellent performances, and widely used in home appliances, electronic appliances, automobile industries.

UNINKO Typical Grades and its Applications:

Typical GradesMaterial DiscriptionKey Features & CharacteristicsApplications

Brominated flame retardant, UL94 V0, good flow, high impact

TV display cover, Speaker housing, Air conditioner components, OA office equipments,etc 

UGP30FR-GNFR HIPS Halogen free 

Nonhalogen flame retardant, UL94 V0, good flow, high impact

TV display cover, Speaker housing, Air conditioner components, OA office equipments, Home applicance, etc


10% glass fiber reinforced, flame retardant, UL94 V0, high strength, good flow

TV display back cover, OA office equipment housing, etc


10% Stainless Steel Fiber reinforced, Electromagnetic Shielding (EMI), Electrically Conductive, ESD Protection, Flame Retardant, Radio Frequency Shielding (RFI)

EMI Shielding of Electronic Devices such as telecommunication Products, laptops, Portable Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Network equipments, Medical Devices, Aerospace and military, etc

UGP30ASAnti-static HIPS

Anti-static, ESD proection, high impact resistance

Turntables, reels, packaging boards, packaging turnover boxes, electrical and electronic components, etc


Flame retardant, halogen free, UL94 V0, good flow, high impact, dimention stability

Charger housing, car battery boxes, sockets, PV junction boxes, fuses, Electric car charger

*If any above grades or other specific grades interested, contact our technical & sales personnel now for Technical Data Sheets(TDS) Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS) and FREE samples!
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