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Thermoplastic Alloys/Blends

What is Thermoplastic Alloys / Blends?


→ Alloying Modification Purpose & Capabilities:

◆ Plastic alloy refers to two or more polymers with different molecule structures and properties blended into a multi-component compound, which combines the characteristics of each original polymer and impart new properties to the compound. Plastic alloys (also known as plastic blends) by physical compounding or chemical grafting technologies, the original polymers modified to achieve high performance, functionalization and specialization for the end-use applications. Plastic alloys are widely used in automotive, electrical & electronics, home appliances, office equipments, medical and many other fields. Plastic alloying can improve or enhance the properties of original polymers and cut down the material costs, which has become one of the most active species and the rapid growth of consumption in the plastic industry.

Why UNINKO Plastic Alloys / Blends?

→ Typical Alloying Grades & Its Key Features:

Plastic AlloysKey Features & CharacteristicsApplications



Improved low-temperature impact property, excellent processability, impact resistance and good heat resistance

Office equipment housings, electrical and electronic parts, automotive dashboards and headlamp components, charging pile housings, medical device components, home appliance housings, etc.



Increased heat resistance, good chemical resistance, flowability and low temperature impact property

Automotive body panels, engine room components, connectors and small appliances housings.


Increased heat resistance, good impact resistance anfire resistance.

Household appliances, office equipments, etc.



Improved PPE processability, reduced water absorption and improved impact resistance

Automotive dashboards, connectors, wheel covers, office equipments, communications equipment, medical instruments, computer housings, drinking water pipes and fittings, pumps, etc.


Improved Solvent resistance, weathering cracking resistance, good dimensional stability, good impact resistance

Automotive bumpers, car lights decorative rings, etc

Improved Solvent resistance, weathering cracking resistance, good dimensional stability and impact resistance

Medical Instruments, Automotive Parts, Bumper, Snow Boots, etc


Reduce the PC notch effect and increase the back wall impact

Electrical and electronic components, the instrument cover, etc


Excellent weather resistance and stress cracking resistance

Office equipment housings, medical instruments, electronic components, car headlight body, small household appliances housings, etc


Improved low temperature impact, good wear resistance and dimensional stability

Sports equipment, car bumpers, car fenders, etc

High HDT, improved low temperature impact resistance, better flowability

Auto parts, cooking utensils, camera components, food processing equipment


Significantly improve PBT & PET impact resistance

Car anti-collision beam, fender, sports equipment, etc
UPA5525PET/PMMAIncrease the crystallization rate of PETPlastic optical film, etc

Low shrinkage, good dimensional stability and chemical resistance

Electronic connectors, etc

Improved heat resistance, good dimensional stability and processability, high surface gloss, good chemical resistance

Automotive parts, etc
UPA5020PBT/ABSGood flowability and impact resistance, low warpageMemory card, IC card, etc

Improved low temperature impact and aitightness

Sports equipment, office equipments, automotive parts, electronic appliances, etc

UPA60TF12PA/PTFEEnhanced wear resistance, self-lubricatingGears, etc

High dimensional stability, low water absorption, good chemical resistance

Car bumpers, wheel cover, etc
UPA2523PMMA/ASAImproved weatherability, good impact resistanceCar rearview mirror bracket, car air-inlet grills, etc

Tailor Your Own Materials Now!

Custom plastic alloys / blends are available to meet your specific end-use applications, additionally combined with structural reinforcement, wear resistance, conductivity, flame retardance, color and other specific properties into a single compound. Have our engineers tailor a specifying high temperature plastic compound for you right now! 

Let us formulate your material concept into reality!

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