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PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide)

What is PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide)?

PPS is an abbreviation for Polyphenylene Sulfide - A crystalline polymer having a symmetrical, rigid backbone chain consisting of recurring p-substituted benzene rings and sulfur atoms. A variety of grades suitable for slurry coating, fluidized-bed coating, electrostatic spraying, as well as injection and compression molding are offered. Polyphenylene sulfides exhibit outstanding chemical resistance, thermal stability, dimensionally stability, and fire resistance. PPS's extreme inertness toward organic solvents, and inorganic salts and bases make for outstanding performance as a corrosion-resistant coating suitable for contact with foods.

Polyphenylene Sulfide-PPS-GF-Compounds

UNINKO modified PPS compounds series includes glass/mineral/carbon/stainless steel fiber reinforced grade, flame retardant grade, anti-static grade, ESD protection grade, electrically/thermally conductive grade, wear resistant grade, UV resistant grade, EMI shielding grade, etc broad range, with excellent performances, and widely used in the automotive and consumer electronics, mechanical engineering, home appliances and other industries, etc.

UNINKO Typical Grades and its Applications:

Typical GradeMaterial DiscriptionKey Features & CharacteristicsApplications
USP90G40PPS + 40%GF

40% glass fiber reinforced, High Strength, High Rigidity, high heat resistant, Oil and chemical resistant, good dimensional stability

Pump Impellers, Valve Housings and Bushings, Coil bobbin, gearbox, circuit breakers, Lamp holder, Lamp reflector cup and bracket, junction box, automotive fuel system, etc

USP90GM65PPS + 65%(GF+MF)

65% glass fiber/mineral reinforced, excellent dimensional stability, high heat resistant, high stiffness, high surface finish

Mixing valve connector, High temperature reflectors, DVD laser head, automotive pump housing, auto lamp components, LED lamp housing, Shaft Seals, Flanges, etc

USP90C30PPS + 30%CF

30% Carbon fiber reinforced, High Electrical and Thermal Conductivity, Long-term Anti-static, High strength

Fan Blades, Brake Sleeves, Model Construction Rotor Blades, Clutch Components, Bushings, etc


30% glass fiber reinforced, 15% PTFE lubricated,  High continuous use and heat-distortion temperatures, Flame retardant, High-strength, Low creep, Improved friction, excellent wear resistant

Fuel Injectors, Manifolds, Pumps, Pistons, Gears, V-Packing Gaskets, Bearings, Control disks, gear wheels, pump impellers, gear parts for automotive appliances, chip carrier, Microwave Oven Turn table gears, Toaster Switches, etc

USP90F-HDHeat Dissipative PPS

Thermally Conductive, Electrically Insulative, Flame Retardant, UL94 V0, good strength, good toughness 

Heat Sinks, Motor components, LED lamp base holder, thermal circuit board, cooling components, electic power tools, etc

*If any above grades or other specific grades interested, contact our technical & sales personnel now for Technical Data Sheets(TDS) Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS) and FREE samples!
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