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POM (Polyoxymethylene)

What is POM (Polyoxymethylene)?

POM is an abbreviation for Polyoxymethylene also known as acetal, polyacetal and polyformaldehyde, is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability. As with many other synthetic polymers, it is produced by different chemical firms with slightly different formulas and sold variously by such names as Delrin, Celcon, Ramtal, Duracon, Kepital and Hostaform. POM is characterized by its high strength, hardness and rigidity to −40 °C. POM is intrinsically opaque white, due to its high crystalline composition, but it is available in all colors. POM resin has a density of 1.410–1.420 g/cm3.

POM | Polyacetal materials

UNINKO modified POM compounds series includes glass/mineral/carbon/stainless steel fiber reinforced grade, anti-static grade, ESD protection grade, electric conductive grade, wear resistant grade, UV resistant grade, EMI shielding grade, etc broad range, with excellent performances, and widely used in the automotive and consumer electronics, mechanical engineering, sports equipments, home appliances and other industries, etc. Typical applications for injection-molded POM include high-performance engineering components such as small gear wheels, ball bearings, ski bindings, fasteners, knife handles, and lock systems. 

UNINKO Typical Grades and its Applications:

Typical GradesMaterial DiscriptionKey Features & CharacteristicsApplications
UEP700General Purpose POM

Lubricated, Unfilled, General purpose, Good toughness, Good stiffness, MI=9, 14, 27

General mechanical parts, gears, cams, fastners, household appliances, etc

UEP70G30POM + 30%GF

30% glass fiber reinforced, high strength, high stiffness, Creep Resistant,

Functionial/structural parts for automotive, high requirements mechanical parts, etc

UEP70GB20POM + 20%GB

20% glass bead reinforced, Low Shrinkage, Low Warpage, Heat Aging Resistant

Thin-walled Parts, home appliances like dishwasher parts, washing machine, automotive, mechanical parts, etc

UEP70TF15POM + 15%PTFE15% PTFE lubricated, wear resistant, good stiffness

Suitable for parts that are required of very low wear and friction, noise and high PV limits, etc


20% glass fiber reinforced, 15% PTFE lubricated, low friction, high stress cracking resistance

Seal rings, seal packing, Pressure bearings, Slide bearings, slide strips, Piston seal rings, Bearing rollers, bearing cages, bearing shells, etc


10% carbon fiber reinforced, conductive, ESD protection, high Stiffness

Automotive and engineering/industrial parts, bearings, fuel handling systems, etc

UEP700ASAnti-static POM

Permanent Anti-Static, ESD protection, good toughness

Anti-static turnover boxes, PCB loading and unloading rack, welding tools, Precision instruments, electrical & electronic appliances, etc

UEP70-EMIEMI Shielding POM

Stainless steel fiber reinforced, Electrically Conductive, EMI/RFI/ESD Protection, high strength

Electrical & electronics, integrated circuit packaging, electromagnetic shielding applications and other fields, etc

*If any above grades or other specific grades interested, contact our technical & sales personnel now for Technical Data Sheets(TDS) Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS) and FREE samples!
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