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UNINKO's Facilities

UNINKO is a technology and innovation led company, we concentrate on the high ends of the smile curve of high-tech R & D, formulations design, technical service and brand marketing, sales and global logisitics activities. Our own factory have 8 automatic twin-screw compounding extruders with 20,000 tons annual production capacity, which is now our R&D center mainly in charge of product development and production of high-end materials with special formulations. In order to keep ahead of competition over cost savings and fulfill the ongoing growth of global orders, we will send the orders exceeded our own production capacity for contract manufacturing with our own formulas in our shareholding or qualified & authorised OEM compounding factories in the domestic and overseas. All OEM factories must be certified by ISO9001, ISO14000, IATF16949 system, with a complete quality management system. Contract manufacturing reduce our fixed-asset investment, that help us cut down our fixed costs apportioned on products and give us sufficient cash flow investing on R&D activities, therefore we can hold the head on technology innovation and continuously supply cost savings solutions to our customers. Each OEM factory has our own long-term stationed quality supervisors, ensuring that the quality of each shipment must meet the controlled properties standards of our original formulation design and the samples confirmed by our customers.

  • Factory Outside View

Factory Outside View

  • Inside Production Site

Inside Production Site

  • Laboratory & Test Room

Laboratory | Test Room

Laboratory | test room

  • Warehouse


  • Advanced Polymer Testing Instruments List

Polymer Testing Instruments.png

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