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Engineered Thermoplastics Compounds

UNINKO is a global formulator, compounder of high performance thermoplastic compounds, and a supplier of world-class tradename engineered resin. UNINKO offers a wide range of plastics, integrated with all the benifits of a high-efficient business model and technology innovation. Private ownership and innovation led organization allows UNINKO to provide fast responsive and imagineering solutions, and is the foundation of our innovative work & efforts to supply thermoplastic materials customized for specific end-use applications.

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UNINKO is powered by continuously innovative expertise and unique business insights paving its way to cost-effective lean manufacturing and flexible, high-efficient distribution business model. UNINKO specializes in Application Specific Thermoplastics Compounds and highly customized compounding service, considered as a nuisance by some of market players are the challenges on which UNINKO thrives. UNINKO enjoys carrying out Co-Operative Development Program with endusers & customers. UNINKO offers specialty grades which are designed and compounded to meet various specific end-use requirements.


"Every time I've called they are fast responsive.They go above and beyond."
"Excellent understanding of product and customer's requirements"
"Good and trustful company"
" Good system integration done in execution of order from customer"
"Impressive system Orientation on customer requirement at every stage of process"

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